What is Collapsing Sun Threads?

Collapsing Sun Threads is an independently owned apparel shop. I want you to stand out amongst the general public and define yourself.

I started Collapsing Sun Threads in 2014 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. What began as a fictional merchandise company created for a Graphic Design project was soon turned into reality once purchasing a printing press. The thought was to create a one-of-a-kind merchandise company that would captivate the desire to stand out with unique, artistic designs.

The use of eco-friendly water based inks makes for a more comfortable feel, while also creating a unique look because the ink fuses itself into the threads of the clothing, rather than remaining on the surface like most inks used in screen printing.

In essence, Collapsing Sun Threads is β€œan artist for the artist.” I saw Collapsing Sun as a way to help promote local bands and artists, as well as bring forth my own artwork. Because of the focus on community and locality, Collapsing Sun Threads will be making appearances at various venues and bars in La Crosse.

All businesses start from somewhere. The support of the community is the most important aspect in growing my business. The city of La Crosse has played a huge role in shaping who I am today and has been my home for many years, much like many of you. Supporting Collapsing Sun Threads means supporting the rise of an up and coming local business, as well as an artist working towards his dreams in the city that he loves.

Since I started Collapsing Sun I ended up relocating to Minneapolis in hopes of spreading my art to a wider audience and attempting to submerse myself more in the music scene and continue to do what I love to do.


My name is Dave Sikorski and I am the creator of Collapsing Sun Threads, thank you for choosing to do business with Collapsing Sun. This journey has been long and winding with alot of bumps in the road, it turns out that a DIY clothing brand is really difficult to operate, especially when you do everyhting yourself from the designs to the printing. I just want to thank all of my friends and family who have been exremely supportive.

Stay Gnarly.